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Cookie and privacy policy

We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. This statement explains how we collect and use information about you through our website. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, want to see a copy of the information we hold about you, want to stop receiving marketing-related information from us, or think that information we hold about you needs to be updated or corrected, please send an email to
Any details that you give us via our website may be added to our database. The database is used by us (and third parties acting on our behalf) for client administration and marketing-related purposes. We may, from time to time, send you mailings that you have requested or we feel may be of interest to your and/or your business. Such mailings may include details of our services, newsletters, updates and invitations to training seminars and other events. We do not rent, sell or disclose your contact details to any other third parties.
In common with most websites, our website uses cookies, which are small text files downloaded onto your computer so that we can recognise repeat visitors and compile aggregate data in order to improve our website. Cookies do not permanently attach to your system or damage your files. We do not use cookies to identify you merely to improve your experience of the website. You can set your internet browsers so that it will not download our cookies. This will not prevent you from using our website. You should refer to the Help section of your internet browser in order to change your cookie settings.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, Harbour Key Limited are registered as data controllers on the public Register of Data Controllers maintained by the Information Commission.
Owing to the global nature of the internet, the information you provide us may be transferred in transit outside the European Economic Area. Not all countries outside the European Economic Area have similar protections in place regarding your information. Subject to this, we will not transfer your information outside the European Economic Area to a person or company unless they either agree to treat your information with the same level of protection as if we were dealing with it ourselves or we obtain your consent.


We’re committed to protecting your personal information and ensuring your experience with us is as safe and enjoyable as possible. In this section, you’ll find information on how and why we collect, store and use personal information to improve our service. You’ll also find out how to manage the information that’s collected.

What are cookies?

Most websites use cookies to improve your browsing experience. Cookies are small amounts of information in the form of text files sent by our website (or the website of a company we have a relationship with) to your computer, mobile phone or other device when you visit our website. They allow us to do various things, including tailor the content you see, and ensure the security of your Online experience. Cookie types and their use We use a combination of different cookies to improve your experience. For example, we use a cookie to remember your username so you don’t have to re-type it whenever you sign in. A cookie allows us to remember your previous choices on our site, so you don’t have to repeat them on each visit.

Session cookies

Session cookies last only for the duration of your visit and are deleted when you close your browser. These facilitate various tasks such as allowing a website to identify that a user of a particular device is navigating from page to page, supporting website security or basic functionality. Most of the cookies we use are session cookies. For example, they help us to ensure the security of your session, and can also keep you signed in to the web site while you move between pages.

3rd-Party Semi-persistent cookies

We also use 3rd party semi-persistent cookies. They last beyond your session and after you have closed your browser. We use them to ensure you have a better experience when you return to the site. Semi-persistent cookies remain on your computer for a set timescale or until you choose to remove them.

What if I don’t want to accept cookies?

You can choose to restrict or block the cookies set by us, or any website. You’ll need to do this through your browser settings. Please note, if you block or restrict cookies on your machine, the software will be unable to function correctly.
Your browser settings are usually found in the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu. The Help function in your browser will show you how to change the settings. We use cookies to provide and maintain a secure environment for your data. However, you can make a trusted website in your browser settings so that each time you visit, your cookies are enabled and allow the site to work correctly.
Remember, for cookie blocking or restrictions, you’ll need to adjust the browser settings on every device you use for internet access. Read about cookies and what we use them for. You can also visit for comprehensive information on how to block or restrict cookies on a wide variety of browsers. You’ll also find details on how to delete cookies from your computer, as well as more general information about cookies. For information on how to do this on the browser of your mobile phone you’ll need to refer to your handset manual.